Saturday, 18 July 2015

July swap parcels

Gutted!!!!  My friend's daughter kindly....or not so kindly, shared her chickenpox and so I have not been able to go over and craft with her this month.  I had to tackle the parcels all on my own with no little tweaks that I often do when meeting with Terri.  Get well soon Terri.

This is the card that I made from Pat's parcel using embossing.  I embossed the tag that I added to the paper from Pat's parcel and I used some of the included glitter strip to add to it.

This is the card that I made from Terri's parcel using a digital image.  I used ribbon and a paper from Terri's parcel; it is a really fresh light colour which I love.  I used a digital image from a previus swap parcel and then coloured some card candi to add to the corners.

And finally the card that I made from both parcels using all three techniques.  I paper pieced the owl with papers from both parcels and the striped paper was mine.  I embossed the backing paper which had come from Pat's parcel and then added a digital image of Happy Birthday to it.  I'm really quite pleased the result.


  1. Very nice, but my favourite is the blue birds one, it's so bright & cheerful.

  2. Well at least she only shared it with me!! Lovely cards ........ I've finally put the bits for 2 (one from each parcel) together, just got to stick them down, LOL


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