Saturday, 18 April 2015

April Swap parcels

Its never easy to remember which cards came from which parcel when you leave it a month or so to blog them so I thought I would blog these cards that I made yesterday.

April is always our Christmas month so we didn't have any techniques, just the theme of Christmas.

These are the cards I made from Pat's parcel.  The first one I just added my own greeting.

These next two are a bit of a cheat but they met the brief that all cards must contain one piece from the swap parcel.  In this case, as you will see, I just cut the background paper and stuck it on the card, no more needed!!!

My next card is from Terri's parcel and I just embossed the backing paper and found my own greeting.

Finally, my combination card.  The snowflake came from Pat's parcel and the tag, greeting and backing paper came from Terri's.  I embossed the backing paper and added some Stickles glitter to it.

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