Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ducks again

I have been knitting or crochet little ducks for nine months now because I was touched by what The Little Yellow Duck Project was set up to do.  As the months have gone by I have left ducks in East and West Sussex, Kent, London, Somerset, and Washington State, USA.  I have also sent ducks to two other states in America and also to Hertfordshire.  It is quite a challenge to leave a duck and not be seen doing it.

I go to a knitting group in Cuckfield each week and we were featured in the Jan-Feb 2015 edition of Cuckfield Life.   Do download a pdf copy of the magazine to see all about the group on page 12.

I thought I ought to release some more ducks into Cuckfield to follow up on the article whilst it was still fresh in everybody's mind.  Today I released Gideon, Horace and Queenie.

A map of all the ducks that have been registered as found is here.  I was thrilled this evening to see that Gideon has already been logged as found (I walked past the tea rooms after knitting group and saw that he had disappeared)......  Great job Cuckfield Tea Rooms.  Now waiting to see whether Queenie that I left in the Queens Hall is found and logged and also whether Horace is found in the Church door handle.

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