Thursday, 27 November 2014

November Swap Challenge

And so we reached the last challenge of the year .....phew we made it!!!

We all know who to blame for the theme choice this month:  'er wot asn't blogged 'er's yet!!! (Pat).  Elements, I ask you.  4 cards from each parcel (earth, wind, fire, water).  I looked at the parcels and thought I would be lucky to get 4 in total from both parcels combined but it just shows that one day you can have no idea and the next you have so many that you run out of time to make them.  So I still have plenty of snippets put away for another time to play.

Firstly my cards from Terri's parcel.

Earth.  I used an image from the parcel and then found a Christmassy backing paper.

Wind.  Such a pretty paper in the parcel and I cut my favourite butterfly!!

Water.  I cut a frame and a layer out of some paper in the parcel and then added an image from the parcel.

Fire.  I used a paper from the parcel but found my own image to go on it.  Smoke rising from the chimneys counts as fire!!

I did one or two more but I don't have photos of them.

On to Pat's parcel.

Earth:  Can't get much simpler than this.  I used the enclosed sentiment image and the little blue dots.  I fund some gold mirror card to layer behind the sentiment.

Wind.  I embossed some plain paper to go with the included butterflies and then added a greeting on top of some glitter strips
For the next card I used plain paper from the parcel and clear embossed snowflakes on it.  I used my own image and cut some small dots from the waste card from the image

Fire:  I used my own glitter strip and one of my own images to shape as a tag.  I embossed a plain piece of paper from the parcel.

Water:  I found a small wooden boat from my topper stash and used paper and card from the parcel

Now we relax until January but really we need a break as we open our craft advent calendar parcel from Monday!!

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  1. OK, OK, I'll blog mine this afternoon :o)

    Lovely cards, Liz, I especially like the Christmas ones :o)


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