Friday, 22 August 2014

Swap the Swaps

This is the month when our swap parcels are made up of supplies we have received in our parcels month by month and have not yet used them.  I must admit that I sometimes view things in a different light when they are in a different mix of card, papers and toppers.

First up are the cards I made from Pat's parcel:

I think this is my favourite.  It looks like it is on a blue card but it isn't, it is a purple cardstock.

I do like the patterned paper on the card below.

And then on to cards from Terri's parcel:

Not my most favourite card, this one, whereas the next one is.

I love the embossed pattern card of this next one and also the colour of the nestie.  The brads toned qute nicely too.

And now a confession ...... I am just hoping I have attributed the right cards to the right person.  I usually do the parcels separately but this month did them all on the same day; silly me!!

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