Friday, 31 January 2014

January WIP Progress

I completed several half started knitting project as well as starting and finishing some new knitted items.  My main project though was to restart my blackwork project.

I posted here with a picture of the state of play at the beginning of the month and after several hours of work it has reached this far:

It doesn't actually look like I have done very much but whilst the darkest thread is pleasant to work with, the thread for the other stitches is a very fine shiny thread that splits very easily and so you can only work with short lengths at a time.

I was tempted to do all the dark thread first so that I got more done but just knew I needed to have something easy still do by way of a pleasant change from the harder work.

It won't go back in the cupboard again.  I will still continue to do some week by week until it is finished and I can get it framed.


  1. Hi Liz! Lovely WIP :) I ought to dig my cross stitch out sometime.

    Re. the snippets button, here's a 'how-to add a button,

    But, don't fret over it if you can't do it. It's just that I hope to add something to the Playground soon (one of those three entries over two weeks things) as a rather nice extra prize for folk with buttons. Trust me, it's nice - but as I said, don't fret over it 'cos it's just an option. Darnell nagged me into it :)


    Di xx

    1. Thanks for that. No wonder it didn't work, I was trying to add the wrong sort of gadget!!!

    2. Well done Liz - I bet you're not the only person who's struggled :)


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