Monday, 23 September 2013


I used to spend a lot of time doing cross stitch before my crafting life got overtaken by cardmaking and knitting/crochet.  I thought I would show you the biggest piece of embroidery I have ever done.  I made it for my parent's Christmas present in 2000 and it took about 500 hours of work in stitching after I had researched all the names.

Of course, having to spend the time doing the research then got me hooked on family history and I have been doing it ever since!!

My latest piece was started about 10 years ago and I am afraid it is has languished sadly in the corner for quite a while now.  It is a blackwork piece done in a very slippery, shiny sort of thread that just loves to split and twist so it gets very frustrating to work.  I have accepted the challenge from a group of internet friends to get back to this in January next year as we all try to pick up our WIP after all our Christmas making.  I fear it will take longer than January to finish it as the maximum time I can work on this is 15 minutes or it starts hurting my eyes because of the count of the material.

This is what I am working towards:

and this is as far as I have got

A long way to go!!!

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