Friday, 12 July 2013

Hooded Poncho

I am still enjoying my journey through the land of crochet.  I am sticking to baby garments at the moment whilst I learn different stitches and how patterns are written.  I might launch out into bigger items when I am more confident.

All the 4ply baby patterns I am finding at the moment seem to be very similar in that they use rows of trebles so I am quite happy with doing those but this garment was a new pattern to me and I learned things like reverse double crochet.  Probably the hardest bit was picking up and stitching an edge round the hood and the opening ....wasn't easy to get it looking even.

This item has gone in my charity bag ready for my next trip up to Kids Co.


  1. Oh how cute Liz! I've got as far as buying some crochet hooks and a couple of 'larn yerself' books. One step at a time for me :)

    Hugs, Di xx

    1. I have a little book with the basics but the owner of the Craftshop in the next village is good at helping with my queries when I pop in. I also go over there to the knitting/crochet club when I can; he has it twice a week. Lots of people of all levels of experience go so there is always someone to help. I am buying the Clover hooks as they are more ergonomic and easier on the hand.


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