Friday, 26 April 2013


Sewing and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love when projects are finished and feel quite proud of myself but oh the torment, blood, sweat and tears that going into the making of them.  I am sure sometimes my sewing machine tries to pay me back for leaving it idle in the corner for so long!!  Perhaps it doesn't like the dark although I maintain that it is snuggly warm with its cover on. How considerate am I??

I once made my daughter a little rag doll that had been published in Women's Weekly back in the 1970s.  How she loved it and would carry it round for hours, mothering it.  I decided to make another one for my granddaughter when she was born and then made a second one when a friend overseas had a new granddaughter.  When my second granddaughter was born I made another one.  Oh yes, rag dolls are truly labours of love and I determined I would only make them for my granddaughters.

I am a sucker for punishment, I really am.  Two months ago found me planning on making two more for special presents.  I searched the shops high and low to find the materials I wanted to use and was getting so frustrated when I couldn't find them.  I eventually found some that would do but my heart wasn't in it as they were quite what I wanted.  I had got lilac and lilac stripes but really wanted something brighter.  I also got a greeny aqua colour and matching floral but had really wanted something more sea coloured.  Sighhhhhhhhh!

These dolls lay on the dining table for weeks; I did anything I could to not make them.  Haha, even the housework got done in preference to sewing  lol.  Eventually I reached the point where I could put it off no longer or they wouldn't be done for when I needed them.  Once finished I just loved them, of course.  I really am a silly billy.

I have another one to start making soon, ready for another granddaughter.  Blow me, another friend has asked if I can make one for her granddaughter!!  You can't refuse a friend, now can you?  I need to check what materials I have left over from the various dolls so that I can see what more I need to buy.

I have just one request ........ do you think I could have some grandsons next, please  LOL


  1. They are just gorgeous. I love the stripy one !! :o)

    You could probably adapt the pattern & make a rag doll for a boy by making a flat cap, longer trousers, shorter hair & a waistcoat instead of a blouse type top :o) Go on, give it a go - you can borrow my grandons as your guinea pigs, but you have to give them back !!!!

  2. They are gorgeous, Liz. My friend has had a new grand-daughter.......I could have done with one of those!! :)

  3. Well you shouldn't show something soooooo cute to everyone, LOL, ......... I see Pat beat me too it cos I was also going to say you could do little boy ones!!!!!

  4. I LOVE these Liz! so, so cute. I wonder if you ever made the Woman's Weekly dolly that had two heads and two sets of arms - sounds gross but she had different outfits when you flipped her over and sort of inside out - one was day wear and the other was more formal party wear. WW used to do some brilliant sewing and knitting patterns for toys - lost count of the number of meece and hedgies I knitted for charity.

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. Oh, just too cute. These are gorgeous Liz. xxx


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