Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I am really enjoying doing crochet at the moment as it seems to grow so quickly.  It is mainly self-taught but at least I can pop into either the knitting or crochet club in Sussex Crafts in Cuckfield if I get stuck; they are a great group of people.

Today I have finished off a little yellow top down crocheted baby jacket to go with the little yellow baby hat I did the other day.  Both these items will be winging their way to Kids Co at some point.

I also finished off a stripey beret and have nearly finished off the scarf to go with it.  I have enough of the same wool to make another beret and scarf.  The colours don't show up too well in the photos but it is a pretty sage green and not a dark muddy green as in the photo.  There is also white, a mottled pink and a mottled pale blue.

This is to top of the beret:

and this is the other side:

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  1. Kids Co. are going to have a good selection of things from you, aren't they ? The jacket is lovely & anything striped is fine by me !! :o)

    I'm still having trouble, I don't think crochet likes me - a beanie I tried to make ended up looking like a Chinese coolie hat, so I threw it in the bin in utter disgust !! :o) I have, however, managed to crochet some reindeer antlers & some flowers . . . Hmmmm.


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