Sunday, 24 February 2013

Crochet ... yay

Yes, there is life other than cardmaking, though you may find that hard to believe.  I spend a lot of time knitting for Kids Co and have recently decided to try and crochet for a challenge and a change.

I buzzed off over to the local craft shop in Cuckfield yesterday and joined the crochet drop in club.  I got started on a baby hat and the shop owner and the rest of the group were very good in helping me.  I carried on when I got home but really wasn't happy with the way it looked as the increases seemed to be all in the same place on each row, giving a very pointy bit on the side of the hat.  I am very good at pulling rows undone and back I went to the last row that increased all the way round.  I added another couple of rows of increasing and then crocheted the hat straight after that.  I finished with a loopy edging.

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  1. That's lovely :o) I really like the colour & the loopy edging sets it off a treat :o)


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