Friday, 30 November 2012

Knitwear for Kids Co

It is that time of year when I take several parcels of knitwear up to Kids Co.  Kids Co do such good work I couldn't help but be drawn in for the plea from a craft forum buddy for knitted hats, scarves and mittens for disadvantaged youngsters in London.  I have been knitting for several years now and have family and friends that knit for them too.

A friend in Kent, Pat, always gives me a bag of knitwear when I go and visit her so these are the items that will be going with me next week.

My mother who was 90 this year does her bit too, although not quite as much as she used to.  This is what she has made this year:

Finally my collection of knitwear.  I have been lucky and had quite a quantity of wool given to me and this has included small balls as well as large ones.  Small balls do well to make hats and mittens from.


  1. My word! A lot of knitting there. A number of children will be very glad of those this year I am sure.

  2. they are all amazing!! well done to all of you they go to a very good place!! good work.. x

  3. Fantastic Liz..well done all of you! Beverley


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