Monday, 5 November 2012

Hawaii Trip

Gosh, so much time has gone by since my last post which was a week before my holiday in Hawaii.  It is about 8,500 miles from the UK and two long plane flights, whichever route you take; certainly not a trip we would normally consider.  However, a few years ago our son announced his engagement to an American girl who had been born and brought up in Hawaii and he upsticked and started a new life out there with her.

This was our third trip and this time we chose the Heathrow to Honolulu route via Los Angeles whereas before we had travelled via Vancouver. 

Oahu is a beautiful island and Kailua bay is especially so ........

... and we were staying in a little holiday cottage just a 10 minute walk from here!!!

It is such a beautiful island with beach park ...

after beach park .......

after beach park offering fine sandy beaches ...

and views such as these......

Most important of all during the trip was getting to know our latest grand daughter who was three months old.  Two weeks later it was a very sad farewell when we had to say goodbye.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful, Liz. How lovely to have a holiday with beaches like that.It must have been sad to leave your new little grand daughter though.

  2. It looks beautiful Liz - now you have to look forward to your next trip :) Di xx

  3. Gorgeous pics Liz, thanks for sharing :o)


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