Monday, 16 July 2012

Elusive ancestors

I promised myself that I would get back into family history once I had finished the afghan blanket.  The afghan is on its way to Hawaii and a new little baby girl has been born ready to use it when it arrives.

So back to the family history and I made a decision to concentrate on getting down on paper before putting it on the computer.  Why, I hear you ask.   I work best with writing on paper I can see and I also wanted to have a paper copy of my family history anyway.  I can also take the paper file over to Lewes when I go to the records office.  I am dividing the paper files into four; one of each of my grandparents lines and then later I will create a separate file for my parents and their descendents and that will now include the new little baby in Hawaii.

I am using the Family Group sheets which can be found free on and they are very easy to work with.  I am finding and recording any records and references that I can find with all my direct line ancestors and as the research develops will move onto siblings of the direct line.  I am finding that I am soon going sideways as I find researchers with common interests even where they are not my direct line.

Family history can be all consuming; it has certainly taken over the dining room table and most of my spare time but my Mother who is in her 90s is interested in the people she remembers from her childhood and keeps adding little snippets for me.

If you are researching in Kent and Sussex I am mainly interested in the following names from my maternal side:  Clark (Rye area, Hastings, Ashford and Robertsbridge), Hoad (Rye), Douch (Icklesham), Poile (Bodiam and Salehurst), Eldridge (Bodiam)

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