Monday, 6 February 2012


For a long time I have struggled with tracing my paternal side of the family as they come from Scotland and most of the records needed are not on the sites I use for much of my ancestors from England.

Last week I was busy entering what I do know into my new genealogy programme that I bought last year and I thought I would have another shot at trying to trace these elusive Jacksons.  I suppose they are not so much elusive as me being able to find the correct ones out of the ones that there are around, and there are many in Renfrewshire!!! It also doesn't help that Robert is son of Robert who is son of Robert etc

However the good genealogy fraternity of Scotland on various mailing groups and forums came up with ideas to trace them and I even had a copy of the record sent to me. 50% of my brickwall parents, of Robert Jackson born about 1773 in Kilbarchan, has tumbled and I now know that Robert was son of Robert Jackson and Janet Speir (Spier).  I only wish the same method of research had worked for his mother, Isabella Crawford (Crauford) born about 1795, but sadly it didn't and I am still none the wiser who her parents were.

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  1. Gosh, you have got a long way back though. Well done. It must be very interesting I think.


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