Saturday, 7 January 2012


It has been a while since I have had the genealogy folders out and was totally unprepared for what I found when I went to a Family History meeting the other day. 

We had been asked to take along a will of one of our family members and so I took grandfather's will along.  It must have been at least two years since I had looked at the will, after all I had already noted down the married names of grandfather's sisters and surely I need not look at it any more.

A couple of months ago I got a copy of the 1911 census for grandfather and was surprised to find him as a visitor in a house in Fairlight, Hastings, Sussex and it said at the age of 36 he was retired!!!!  I wish !!  In 1901 and at the time he wrote his will, he was a draper in Glasgow and I knew he had come to Kent in 1919 (from a newspaper cutting about his death in 1947).  Why come to Kent and start breeding Romney Sheep and become well known for it?

I digress; not surprising because I am up against a brick wall for filling in the details between 1911 and 1947. 

I took out the copy of the will at our meeting and started to look at it prior to discussing it with my colleagues.  I turned to the attached codicil and then was surprised to see that the surname of one of the witnesses was the same as the surname of the family he was visiting in the 1911 census, but it wasn't the same first name of any of them.

It just goes to show that we can acquire different resources over a period of time and don't always look to see where they fit in the picture of the information we already have.

One day, one day, my wall will come tumbling down.


  1. Well I hope your wall tumbles down earlier than you expect!

  2. It can be so difficult piecing everything together, can't it? I found out a few surprising things about part of my family from that census x

  3. Oh the amount of times I have looked at family history papers and on the sixth time have actually realised the information was always there. It is easily done but oh what a joy when a wall tumbles I have one after 20 years of looking finding the marriage certificate of my grandfather to a lady in Burma too long a story for here maybe I will put it on my blog :-)


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