Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Tree Festival

Each year Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield has a Christmas Tree Festival for the second weekend of December.  Different organisations and local businesses pay to have a tree and then decorate according to the theme they have chosen for the tree.  There is space for over 70 trees and the whole Church becomes magical in twinkles and glitter.  It really is wonderful to visit and walk round the trees whilst listening to a variety of local musicians as well as the Church Choir and Music Group who play or sing throughout the event. 

I belong to two organisations that have a tree and this year have made a good use of the Craft Robo that I had for Christmas last year.

I am a member of the Music Group and we decided the theme for our tree would be music for all seasons.  We divided the tree up into 4 section for four liturgical seasons and use the appropriate coloured tinsel to mark the segments.  We then also themed the colours of the decorations for each of the segments.  We have used silver/white for Christmas; gold for Easter; red for Pentecost and finally green for Trinity.  The latter being rather appropriate to the name of our Church.

These two photos show the completed tree from different angles.

These photos show some of the triquetras that I cut using my Craft Robo.

I also belong to Mothers Union and we decided to use one of their international project appeals, Wheels Appeal, as the theme for the tree and so it was called Wheels in Action.

This is the finished tree.

These photos show the cycles, trucks and jeeps that I cut using my Craft Robo.  It has been a very busy machine this Christmas.


  1. The trees look lovely, Liz. The church would be so pretty with all the lights and glitter. Your Robo has certainly been busy this yesr. :)

  2. Liz, I went to the Christmas tree Festival in the Church opposite where I work today, got some nice pics. Don't the trees look just lovely in such a setting? I will do a blog on my visit sometime before Christmas, thanks for sharing your photos :)

  3. Lovely idea, Liz, & having been in your church, I can well imagine how beautiful the trees all look in there.

  4. I love that idea of decorating the tree with the liturgical colours - might suggest it to our parish - and love the decorations you cut for both trees (and I now know what that shape was that I didn't!).


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