Monday, 21 November 2011

A busy life

People have always said that when they retired they didn't know how they ever managed to find time to work and after 2.5 months I can quite see what they mean.

Since I retired at the beginning of September I have had my son and daughter in law over from Hawaii for a 2 weeks holiday, a new baby granddaughter born at the beginning of November, joined U3A and go to a Family History group each month and also a card making group each month and also set this blog up..

What has taken more time than anything has been card making as I am running a card stall twice a month at Church to help raise funds for the repair, restoration and re-ordering of the church I attend in Cuckfield, Holy Trinity.  Last Saturday I sold over 50 cards at my stall that I ran whilst there was a fundraising pianothon going on; I now have to try to make good my stock before this Saturday when there is a sale at the local primary school.  I am quite pleased it is only a 2 hour sale and not the 12 hours of last weekend!!!


  1. With everything you find to do when you stop working, it's a wonder you ever found the time TO go out to work, isn't it ? :o)

  2. I certainly could not find time to go to work now!!! Some times I get to the weekend and wonder where the time has gone. How on earth I did all the things I used to do and a full time job as well I do not know. Good luck with your cards at the weekend, Liz.


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