Saturday, 15 October 2011


The other day a friend and I decided to experiment using our water colour pencils.  I have had these for about 9 months now and have only used them once!!!  Maybe I needed the company of someone else to get the confidence to use them, or maybe it was because I was away from the house and all the other temptations  LOL.
The first one I did was A in the top right hand corner.  I was quite pleased except for my inability to know where to shade things to make them look right.  I thought I would do the smoke and then wished I hadn't.  Since this picture was taken I have added some grass, a path and some flowers in the foreground.
B was slightly different in that I stamped with distress inks and then just used plain water to "bleed out" some of the colour to fill the white spaces.  I only did a bit of this, by way of experimenting.
C I tried to get a bit of shading in the flowers and have since put some colouring on the frame - just a very pale beige colour.
The other images I have yet to colour.  I thought the bird houses would make quite nice "New Home" cards.

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  1. The pictures are small even when enlarged so it is difficult to see them clearly. However, having said that, they look great to me. Experimenting is the best way to go . Once you get some confidence I am sure you will enjoy your watercolour pencils. I use mine a lot.


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