Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Baby cardi

I have been busy finishing this little cardi.  I now have a matinee jacket in pink and this cardi in blue ..... can't you tell I am hedging my bets for the forthcoming grandchild?


  1. Oh, that is really sweet.

  2. You're such a neat sewer-upper, Liz, my things never look so neat & tidy. Thank GOODNESS for knitting in the round, I say !! :o) Lovely pale blue, I can just imgine a baby all snuggly warm in it :o)

  3. @ Pat .... I can never be bothered to block it!!!!! I just sew it up and then lift my seat cushion in the chair I sit on; put it on a towel underneath it, as neatly spread out as I can and then put my cushion back down and leave it in there for 24 hours to get a bit of natural pressing with my bum!!!


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